Understanding The Difference Between C-Circle & P-Circle Copyrights

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the info you want, when you want it, we’ve started putting together some short YouTube videos covering popular music business topics.  These videos are segments clipped right out of past episodes of our podcast.

In the first of these videos, John explains the difference between a C-circle copyright and a P-circle copyright.

So basically, every recording actually has two different copyrights attached to it.  There is the copyright for the song, known as the C-circle copyright.  And then there is the copyright for the actual recording, known as the P-circle copyright.

The C-circle copyright is usually owned by the songwriter and/or publisher.  The P-circle copyright is usually owned by the record company.

Still confused?  You can get more information on music copyright by checking out the full episode here.  And if you’re interested in more videos like this you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel right here.

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